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Zoopla estimates?

What is a Zoopla estimate?

It's our guide price of a home on any given day, calculated using a secret formula that analyses millions of data points relating to property sales and home features UK wide.

How do you calculate it?

Our algorithm looks at information on all 28 million UK homes. We get our data from multiple sources including the government, estate agents, surveyors and you.

How accurate is a Zoopla estimate?

Its accuracy depends on location and availability of data in an area. The more data available, the more accurate it is.

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How to use your Zoopla estimate

Refine your Zoopla Estimate

You can impact your estimate by updating your home's features, like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and property size.

Use your Zoopla estimate as a conversation starter

Our estimate is just the starting point. It's a guide price and one of many sources you can use to find the right asking price.

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Then it's time to get an agent to value your property. They'll have the insight and local market knowledge to offer you an accurate asking price.

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